The Littletopia that could, need no longer prove it did and does, as it returns to the LA Art Show for its fifth year this January 10-14, 2018, at the Los Angeles Convention Center, California.

Showcasing diverse galleries and artists, Littletopia has become known as the contemporary art world’s engine for setting in motion ideas and influences, otherwise overlooked among the big names and institutions widely distributed. (If any notions of small exist at this time, they should quickly be dismissed.) Littletopia’s reputation comes by in earnest, where the exceptions and exceptional has always been of interest and to some degree, the antecedent of what was considered low-brow art to Lowbrow Art, the movement.

This year’s Fair programming includes Margaret Keane (of “Big Eyes” fame) as the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award, Superchief Gallery LA’s exhibit of Bunnie Reiss’ 22-foot long “Space Boat,” and an altar–commemorating past Littletopia co-curator, tastemaker, gallerist and Juxtapoz cofounder, the late Greg Escalante–where all are welcome to make an offering.

Also taking part in the Fair is none other than BoxHeart Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA. Artists and works represented will be those previously shown with the gallery at Aqua Art Miami 2017: including me, Cosmos and IOI OOI New Primitives! For a preview of artworks on exhibit, see the installation pics from Aqua taken by artist Daria Sandburg and BoxHeart Gallery, collaged (can’t help it!) below.

NAS, Collage Aqua Art 2017, 2017 | Aqua Art images provided by Daria Sandburg and BoxHeart Gallery

A huge thank-you to BoxHeart and Littletopia–then, now and always–for putting together some forms, some methods and some perspectives into some X-Ample, revved up!

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