A lot has happened since my show, Anatomy of Resilience, opened at Karsh-Masson Gallery, City Hall Ottawa a couple of months ago. The days got longer. Dots descended at the Art Gallery of Ontario (far more welcome than winter’s insistence much to the confusion of the Canadian geese prematurely decamped). And that which bellied on the fringes–ideas, attitudes, even people–came spilling forth fantastically, empowered by the affinity that always existed, at last too large to withhold.

Anatomy of Resilience Pre-Vernissage Karsh-Masson Gallery 2018 | Photo NAS

The occurrences are proof, that when it comes to change, a reason, a season and lifetime are usually treated simultaneously, and with equal importance. And maybe with the exception of snow, none avail to what extent and in what way life will be impacted of what once was now not, until more time has passed, more reasons, seasons and lifetimes, and a look back offers a window to the present, a window to the future. For certain through it all–slogging, dotting, queuing and claiming–endurance is a must, and like change, constant and never-ending.

Although one week remains before Anatomy of Resilience closes at Karsh-Masson, exhibition staff and visitors have generously expressed that very exploration of change, resilience and the many forms and points of view it can take, as the start of seeing it over again. A spring, a circle, a cycle, a step, or in the case of a goose, a skein, from where to take heart; height, flight and might. To reciprocate the commendation, know the end is just the beginning. It is with great pride and thanks to have the opportunity to persevere together on uncommon (in Ottawa, thigh-burning snow-heavy!) common-ground. Thank-you!

The exhibit Anatomy of Resilience is on view at Karsh-Masson Gallery from February 8, 2018 to April 18, 2018, from 9am to 8pm, daily, including holidays. Karsh-Masson Gallery is located at 110 Laurier Avenue West, Ottawa City Hall. The Gallery is free to the public and accessible by wheelchair.

Andrew Ooi would like to acknowledge the support of the City of Ottawa and the Ontario Arts Council–an agency of the Government of Ontario.

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