With so many art fairs populating major cities, monthly it seems, it’s hard sometimes to distinguish one from the next and what venue aligns with your interests over another. Do you like quirky and odd or traditional and realistic? Contemporary or old-masters? Paintings or objects? Established or emerging artists? Or if you’re like me, do you like to be surprised? Enjoy the discovery of something old and something new? Unconventional and long-established? Paintings and objects and sculptures and just about anything that makes you feel happy, in awe and grateful to have come across you can’t quite explain nor help relate to either?

Luckily, though similarities abound, each fair attempts to be the giver of that particular emotional pull that allows for one world, if even temporarily, become a real reality from the daily norm for every single one of us. With many galleries from all over exhibiting at the fairs in one place at the same time, the magnitude of that world intensifies, becoming a force in shaping not only what we want our world to feel like, but be like; the art, an unfettered, eternal, visual reminder.

Superfine! the fair. NYC 2018 | Andrew Ooi, Article 2, 2016 | Gampi paper, acrylic, ink | 7 x 7 x 1.25 inches, 18 x 18 x 3 cm unframed  |  Image of Article 2, Courtesy of BoxHeart Gallery

Appropriately, Superfine! the fair of course–is determined to bring that world to as many people as possible–DC, LA, and Miami–through its ambitious and accessible curating of artists and galleries whose main views are about showing the kind of work to the public that defies explanation and the usual laws of attraction. Which means whether you’re a seasoned art collector, a novice, an art lover, or simply like discovering cool stuff (yes, please!) Superfine! is ready to greet, amaze and turn your world upside down in a good way. A fun way too: hosting a Dim Sum Collectors’ Dinner and  Ice Cream + Cocktail Social (that about covers all bases) for its second-year in NYC, this time in the Meatpacking District, 459 West 14th Street, from May 2 to May 6, 2018.

(Emotionally) pulling out all the stops at the Fair will be “world-visionary” BoxHeart Gallery, Pittsburgh PA at Booth #25. BoxHeart co-owners Joshua Hogan and Nicole Capozzi will be showing my work along with fantastic artists, Nichole Gronvold Roller, Sherry Rusinack and Nicole Renee Ryan to prove, that when it comes to picturing what life can be like–be it Superfine! ideals of quality, authenticity and women’s empowerment–it leads the majority with three “Nicoles” no less! Preview BoxHeart Gallery’s Superfine! NYC 2018 Booth on Artsy and discover the primitive, portraits and panoramas worlds without end.

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