Almost seventeen years ago, BoxHeart Gallery set up shop at 4523 Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA. Back then, the recent Carlow University grads–couple, owners and founders–Joshua Hogan and Nicole Capozzi staked whatever means they had in investing in themselves, the Bloomfield community and artists–local, national and international–to create the kind of venue they felt was wanting and that they could provide. Though the process was at times arduous and piecemeal, the realization of their goal is glorious to behold. Today, BoxHeart Gallery is home to Hogan and Sherry Rusinack’s artist studios’, resident businesses and neighbours dropping by, and a roster of painters and sculptors unstintingly happy to be considered a member of the family; myself included!

Andrew Ooi, Syracuse, 2017 | 12 x 12.75 x 2.5 inches, 30.5 x 32 x 6 cm | Gampi, acrylic, ink

To celebrate their achievement, BoxHeart is having a group exhibition of its 60 gallery-exhibiting artists old and new in Almost 17 and #werestillhere, January 23 – February 23, 2018. Artworks in the show range from paper cuts to ceramics, assemblages to paintings. A newer work of mine especially designated for the exhibit, “Syracuse,” is also on view. Short of expressing my thanks and congratulations in person, the piece for now will have to do. Happy Anniversary BoxHeart! Hope to stand with you all soon!

Almost17 and #werestillhere exhibition installation, BoxHeart Gallery, 2018 | Artists L-R: Theodore Bolha, Nichole Gronvold Roller, Kal Mansur, Hannah Pierce, Joshua Hogan, Andrew Ooi  |  Image: BoxHeart Gallery, PA

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