The funny thing about support is that it can come from anyone, anywhere, at any time, no matter how busy. It’s got addresses and frequent flyer miles impossible to follow; friends-of-friends you’ll be lucky to ever physically meet; social media accounts flooded for its attention; families, responsibilities and interests it also is trying to upkeep. And yet, somehow, support finds time to send an encouraging note, a word of an opportunity; put people in touch and implement the resources necessary to see to your well-being. It’s the best friend that belongs to nobody which is why, when it is around, its presence is extra-special.

Earlier this year, I was fortunate to receive Ontario Arts Council’s (OAC’s) support for the launch of a new, ongoing, autobiographical project, Cosmos. Comprised of folded-paper spherical objects made between bodies of work, Cosmos is a compendium of my thoughts and findings about explored themes and artistic processes, ordered chronologically.  Spheres demonstrate relationships among each other–both similarities and differences– viewable in the round and symbolic of the form–sand, particles, even atoms–of which life originates. Colour and pattern visually translate the discoveries made at that particular context in time as a way of making sense then, and in the future.

Andrew Ooi, Cosmos spheres: “Scheme,” “Bubble,” “A King’s Tale,” “Dots,” 2017 | Gampi bicchu, gampi, acrylic, ink, various sizes

BoxHeart Gallery debuts Cosmos at Aqua Art Miami, FL; December 6-10, 2017; Booth Room 210. The work will be on view alongside other terrific Gallery artists: Theodore Bolha, Seth Clark, Daria Sandburg, Heather Kanazawa, Crista Pizano, Irina Koukhanova, Joshua Hogan and Kyle Ethan Fischer.  Other stops include littletopia at the LA Art Fair, CA (2018) and Superfine! New York, NY (2018), where Cosmos continues to be spearheaded by support a while longer (racking up the miles, making introductions too!) thanks to the people and agencies who have made it possible and as always, extraordinary.  Thank-you!

Andrew Ooi acknowledges the funding support of the Ontario Arts Council (OAC), an agency of the Government of Ontario.

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