Without Interrupting the System Announcement, Courtesy of BoxHeart Gallery

Do you know that feeling of returning home to your own bed, to your own comforts, after a tiring, circuitous trip? A feeling similar to Dictionary of Obscure Sorrow’s, except instead of feeling empty, you felt full? That despite whatever process needed to be completed, be it a major life event or milestone as the dictionary suggests, there is, or would be, a bed, or a comfort to get to, which, in itself, is “full-filling”? Well, that “filling” is the feeling I have as my touring exhibit, Without Interrupting the System, comes to its last stop this summer BoxHeart Gallery, Pittsburgh PA: home away from home.

Installation View, BoxHeart Gallery: Wave Series, Without Interrupting the System | Photo: BoxHeart Gallery

Installation View, BoxHeart Gallery: Wave Series, Perspective; Without Interrupting the System | Photo: BoxHeart Gallery

Transformation: “More than Meets the Eye”

For those of you who check in on my website or frequent my blog (thank-you!) know from my previous posts that the exhibit is about transformation and how it affects our perception of reality. However, what you may not know is how much of this work is also about my own personal transformation.

A Work in Progress

With the help of the Ontario Arts Council, I was able to develop a better understanding of my materials, techniques and the decision-making that goes along with creating an artwork as a professional artist: such as when to stop, when to keep going, how and why. The process enabled me to take bigger risks and challenges, which I believed if I could fulfill, would expand on how I saw my work, myself, ideas and medium–difficult to not think about knowing that the papers you’re using are on the .

Installation View, BoxHeart Gallery: Without Interrupting the System | Photo: BoxHeart Gallery


The result of the risk-taking is a body of work that demonstrates the significance of the transformation; transformation made “filling” by BoxHeart Gallery and artists. Your part in the “long and arduous process” makes any return home complete. There are no words, none I could find in a dictionary, for the comfort and “full-fillment” you provide.

Without Interrupting the System is currently on BoxHeart Gallery until July 9, 2022. The gallery is located at 4523 Liberty Avenue, in Pittsburgh’s Bloomfield neighbourhood. For hours and visitor information, please visit https://boxheartgallery.com/, where you’ll find home is where the heart is.

Thanks to the Ontario Arts Council, an agency of the Government of Ontario, for their assistance in making this exhibition and its presentation possible.

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