Andrew Ooi, Seasons, 2017 | 4″ x 6″ | Ink on paper

Andrew Ooi’s practice translates reality perceived as elements of design and basic geometric shapes across paper-folded surfaces and objects. His use of pattern, line, composition, colour, space and light are the mediums and materials in which the vocabulary of circle, square and triangle is simultaneously documented and developed as a form of expression. Structures are built in stages by hand, allowing for the time and the body to also become tools in processing all permutations arriving at meaning; the awareness of, reifying the viewer’s experience of the artwork back into present consciousness in re-examining art as object, perception and actuality.

To date, the nonrepresentational bodies of work are meticulously made with environmentally-conscious, specialty papers. He cuts papers into strips and units–creasing the structural components in each. Afterward, he hand paints the hundreds to thousands of prepared pieces individually with a combination of marks conceived around a particular theme. The miniature paintings are re-folded and fitted into another to construct projections, recesses and convexities through an interpretation of Japanese joinery and origami techniques.

His mixed media works have been published in Illuminate Contemporary Craft Lighting (Bloomsbury Publishing) and 1,000 Product Designs Form, Function, and Technology from Around the World (Rockport Publishers). Exhibitions include L.A. Pai Gallery (Canada) and BoxHeart Gallery (USA) where he is represented. He currently resides in Toronto, Ontario.